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Rialto Premises Liability Lawyer

Rialto Premises Liability Lawyer

Rialto, CA Premises Liability Attorney

Whether they know it or not, individuals rely on property owners and businesses to make their premises safe. Accordingly, anyone in Rialto who owns property is legally obligated to maintain it free from hazards. Should a property owner fail to do so, they can be held liable for monetary damages under California premises liability law.

If you sustained injuries on the property of another, you may need to consult with a Rialto premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. Do not wait, as you only have a limited window of time to file your premises liability case. Speak with a dedicated attorney to get started on your case.

The Definition of Premises Liability

Premises liability means that any individual who allows people on their property has a specific duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining it safe from hazards. Otherwise stated, homeowners, as well as entities such as public parks, government buildings, and businesses, must maintain their properties to prevent foreseeable injuries.

The Types of Liability Cases

Although most people associate premises liability with slip-and-fall cases (e.g., slippery floors leading to injury), there are additional types of premises liability cases, which include, without limitation, the following:

  • Animal bites
  • Structural deficiencies or improper maintenance
  • Chemical spills or toxic fumes that result in injury at a place of business
  • Water leaks or flooding that results in slippery conditions
  • Accidents at amusement parks
  • Accidents in or around poorly maintained swimming pools
  • Injuries sustained due to falling debris at a construction site
  • Improper security leading to injury

The Types of Property Visitors in Premises Liability Cases

In bringing forth a premises liability claim, an experienced Rialto premises liability attorney will first seek to establish a duty of care owed by the owner of the subject property. Without this duty, the defense may assert that the property owner bears no responsibility to the injured party.

Pursuant to California premises liability law, there are three types of property visitors, which include the following:


Trespassers are those who enter a property of another without the consent of the property owners. As such, property owners who are not aware of the presence of a trespasser on their property do not owe them a duty of care. If the property owner knows that there is a trespasser on their property, they have a duty to protect them from hazards.


Invitees are those who are invited on the property for a financial reason, such as customers of a bank. These owners have a duty of care to alert invitees of potential hazards and to keep them reasonably safe.

These types of property owners also have a duty to regularly inspect their site for potential dangers and to address them as soon as possible. For example, grocery store owners have a reasonable duty to check their aisles to be sure they are clear of obstacles and free from other types of dangers such as spilled liquids.


Licensees are those who are invited on the property of another for non-financial reasons. For instance, licensees are individuals who go to a person’s house for dinner party.

In this case, the property owner has a duty to address the hazards or at the least, warn licensees of their presence. Unlike with an invitee, a property owner does not have to regularly inspect their property. The owner of the property is solely responsible for injuries that they reasonably should have known or knew.

Contact a Seasoned Rialto Premises Liability Attorney Today

If you sustained injuries on the property of another, contact a skilled Rialto premises liability lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights and options. You may be owed monetary damages from the property owner due to their negligence. Do not wait, as there is only a limited time to file your Rialto premises liability case.

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