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Rialto Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Rialto Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Rialto, CA Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs have helped Rialto residents live healthier lives, assured that government regulators pass muster on new medications and it is safe to take them. If a drug has intolerable side effects, it is pulled from circulation. However, in other cases, it is not.

If a pharmaceutical company fails to warn consumers about a product it knows can harm them or fails to remove a product that is more dangerous than helpful, people can be injured. If a medication has harmed you, a Rialto dangerous drugs lawyer can battle a drug company on your behalf. Get in touch with one of our professional injury attorneys today for more insight.

Preliminary Questions Help Determine Viable Cases

Consumers should ask themselves if they followed the directions associated with a drug they are prescribed or purchase over-the-counter. Failure to take the prescribed dose can factor into a compensation award. Other factors consumers should consider are:

  • The medication was or was not taken for the reasons approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • A side effect occurred that was not mentioned on the packaging or by the consumer’s physician
  • A reaction caused missed work and thus lost wages
  • A reaction required a physician’s attention
  • Information comes to light that the drug company knew of dangers and did not do anything, for example, in the Johnson and Johnson litigation for talcum powder tainted with asbestos that can cause cancer

A local faulty drugs attorney could assess the unique circumstances suffered by a victim taking a medication that turns out to be dangerous.

The Food and Drug Administration

A new drug comes to market through a testing process involving a government agency, The Food and Drug Administration. Scientists working for pharmaceutical companies develop drugs addressing various health conditions in an ongoing tradition, such as the progression of drugs treating HIV, and in an emergency, such as the recent clamor for a COVID-19 vaccine.

When scientists believe the drug looks promising, pharmaceutical companies ask the FDA to permit clinical trials on humans. The FDA oversees trial results and approves them if they appear to do what the scientists say they will do. The FDA has a hand in monitoring the manufacturing facility and product labeling.

Occasionally, drug companies rush a product to market too soon, perhaps because consumers are urgently in need of the drug, or perhaps because profits are enticing enough to cut corners. Limited clinical trials that are initially promising may lead to significant side effects when the drug is widely distributed. A Rialto dangerous drugs injury attorney can review a drug’s history and determine if a victim should file a lawsuit after being harmed.

FDA Closely Monitors Approved Drugs

The FDA keeps records on its approved drugs to make sure widespread use does not reveal problems not encountered in limited testing situations. The records involve:

  • Deaths attributed to the drug
  • Labeling, which will be updated as more information is accrued
  • Consumer complaints
  • Additional drug studies’ test results
  • Other uses consumers find for specific drugs
  • Advertising targeting consumers

Despite its commitment to release safe drugs into the marketplace, the FDA is fallible, and an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company can be held accountable for injuries from dangerous drugs with the help of a local attorney.

Defendants in Lawsuits for Dangerous Drugs

A pharmaceutical company is not the only potential defendant when a consumer is harmed by medication. Dangerous drugs fall under personal injury laws, and defendants can include anyone who negligently acted to harm the plaintiff. The manufacturer, marketing company, prescribing physician, and the pharmacist are possible defendants for disseminating dangerous drugs.

A Rialto Dangerous Drugs Attorney Fights for You

Americans live longer, healthier lives because of scientific breakthroughs that have put miracle drugs into their hands. However, if the drugs are not thoroughly tested or are not labeled for known serious side effects, consumers can be worse off for taking them.

If you are injured after taking medication, a Rialto dangerous drugs lawyer could fight to get you the financial compensation you will need while you recover. Our legal professionals are standing by to schedule your complimentary consultation and talk to you about your dangerous drug experience.

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