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Corona Premises Liability Lawyer

Corona Premises Liability Lawyer

Corona, CA Premises Liability Attorney

If you were recently injured while you were on someone else’s property, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim for monetary damages. California property owners are compelled by a legal obligation to keep guests on the premises safe from foreseeable harm, whether by resolving hazardous conditions or warning visitors of them.

A Corona premises liability lawyer could review the circumstances of your injury and advise whether you may be entitled to pursue damages. A skilled injury attorney could work diligently on your behalf to safeguard your legal rights and claim the most compensation possible for your injuries.

Establishing Legal Responsibility in a Premises Liability Case

Premises liability claims can be complex to prove, especially as property owners rarely admit liability right off the bat. It is advisable to consult a skilled Corona attorney who could assist someone with filing premises liability claim and work diligently to establish the legal responsibility of the property owner for the victim’s injuries.

Just because someone was on the property owner’s land when the accident occurred does not automatically entitle them to compensation if they suffer an injury. To collect compensation, the claimant must be able to show that the owner neglected to use reasonable care to find and fix hazards on the property or to advise them of these hazards.

There are several elements that a judge or jury would look at to determine whether or not the property owner’s actions fell below the reasonable care standard. For example, a judge or jury may look at the predictability of the claimant sustaining injuries, the extent to which the property owner’s alleged negligence was the direct cause of the claimant’s injuries, and whether the property was aware of the hazard or should have been aware of it.

Premises Liability Lawsuit Deadline in Corona, CA

California law provides individuals who wish to file a premises liability claim two years from the date the sustain the injury to get a lawsuit started (see California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1). This means that if the injured party misses this deadline, they could lose out on monetary damages.

A few circumstances may impact the two-year statutory deadline. For example, if the person injured is a minor, the deadline could be extended. A premises liability attorney in Corona could help someone better understand and file by the statute of limitations for their particular case.

Compensatory Damages

A premises liability attorney could help someone injured on another person’s property in Corona pursue several types of damages to compensate for their harm. The claimant could recover their economic losses such as medical bills, lost income, and any property damage sustained in the accident. The court may also grant the claimant the value of their non-economic losses for pain, suffering, and mental distress endured due to the accident.

Speak with a Corona Premises Liability Attorney

If you believe that the property owner could have prevented your injury, but failed to use reasonable care to do so, it may be time to contact a Corona premises liability lawyer. An attorney could launch a comprehensive investigation into the matter and advise what recourse may be available to you.

If you have questions about beginning a premises liability case, reach out to the office today and book your case consultation.


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