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Case Results

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When someone fails to provide a duty of care and an injury occurs as a result, injured victims are within their rights to file a civil claim for damages. This includes paying for medical care, providing reimbursement for lost wages, and offering payments for lost quality of life. In order to do so, however, victims may need to retain legal assistance for help with meeting several legal requirements.

Wrongful Death$2,000,000

Confidential Settlement, Wrongful Death Action, San Bernardino County Superior Court

We obtained a settlement of $2,000,000.00 for our clients, the parents of a single, unemployed adult male, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver who was eventually arrested.

Malpractice Arbitration$652,000

Confidential Settlement, Kaiser Malpractice Arbitration, Below The Knee Amputation

We secured a settlement of $652,000.00 in a Kaiser malpractice action, wherein our eighty-year-old client suffered a below the knee amputation due to post-surgery nursing error.

Malpractice Arbitration$500,000

Confidential Settlement, Kaiser Malpractice Arbitration, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Our client, a fifty-two-year-old registered nurse, employed by Kaiser in Southern California, was diagnosed with severe Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after undergoing foot and ankle surgery at the Kaiser Hospital in Woodland Hills, Calif. This matter settled after two mediation sessions for the amount of $500,000.00.

Malpractice Arbitration$500,000

Debra Jean Jones V. USA, Federal Medical Malpractice Action, U.S. District Court, San Diego

Our client sustained a transected sigmoid colon during a surgical procedure performed by a physician employed by a federally-funded medical provider. We achieved a settlement of $500,000.00 for our client.

Malpractice Arbitration$400,000

Confidential Settlement, Medical Malpractice Action, Permanent Nerve Damage, Riverside County Superior Court

We obtained a settlement of $400,000.00 for our client, a forty-five-year-old elementary school teacher, who sustained permanent nerve damage during a surgical procedure to her right knee.

Pain Syndrome$385,000

Confidential Settlement, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Riverside County Superior Court

Our client, a thirty-five-year-old single mother, was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after undergoing a blood draw procedure at the Hemet, Calif, branch of a nationwide medical laboratory. The parties reached a settlement of $385,000.00 after multiple mediation sessions.

Premises Liability$310,000

Kayla Cuevas V. China Buffet, Premises Liability Action, Orange County Superior Court

Our client, four-year-old Kayla Cuevas, suffered second degree burns when a food server spilled hot liquid on her. We resolved this matter for $310,000.00 at mediation

Motorcycle Accident$250,000

Confidential Settlement, Automobile Versus Motorcycle Accident, Los Angeles County

Our client’s son was killed when the motorcycle he was operating was struck by a vehicle making a left turn. We obtained a settlement of $250,000.00 for our clients’ wrongful death claim.

Automobile Accident$190,000

Confidential Settlement, Automobile Accident, Los Angeles County Superior Court

We obtained a settlement of $190,000.00 for our client, the elderly passenger in a vehicle which was rear-ended by another vehicle at a low rate of speed.

Motorcycle Accident$150,000

Confidential Settlement, Premises Liability, Los Angeles County Superior Court

Our client was injured during a party at an apartment complex by a relative of the apartment manager. We reached a settlement of $150,000.00 to resolve our client’s claims.

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