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Corona Burn Injury Lawyer

Corona Burn Injury Lawyer

Corona, CA Burn Injury Attorney

Burns that cover significant sections of the body can cause permanent scarring in addition to substantial pain and suffering. If you were in a fire-related accident or other incident causing this painful type of disfigurement, consult a Corona burn injury lawyer when possible.

Millions of people sustain burn injuries every year in the United States, with some the result of negligence or intentional acts of harm. If your burn injury was due to either of these things, discuss your case in depth with an attorney who will determine if your case should move forward and what compensation you could receive.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns are labeled by “degrees” according to their severity. First degree burns injure the outer epidermis exclusively and are subsequently considered superficial. These burns include swelling, redness, and pain; however, they generally heal quickly and without permanent scarring. Second degree burns affect several layers of skin and cause blistering and thickening issues. Such burns must remain bandaged to prevent infection, take up to three weeks to heal and can cause pigmentation problems but rarely result in lasting scars.

Third degree burns affect all skin layers and leave flesh looking charred and brown or white and waxy depending on what caused the injury. Nerve damage is common due to the depth of the burns and skin grafting is frequently required. Burns in the fourth, fifth, and sixth degree categories inflict injuries on skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even bones. Such burns are so severe they require immediate medical care and can result in fatalities. In the event of a fatality, the plaintiff’s family and their attorney file a wrongful death claim.

Common Burn Injury Causes

Burn injuries have numerous causes, including:

  • Boiling liquids
  • Unattended or misused heat sources
  • Fireworks
  • Assorted chemicals
  • Electrical exposure
  • Auto accidents

Fireworks alone started some 19,500 fires in the United States during 2018 according to the National Fire Prevention Association, five of which resulted in fatal injuries and 46 non-fatal injuries. Legal representatives who work on burn cases provide services for fireworks accidents if they were due to negligence or intentional tort.

Damages in Burn Injury Cases & Statute of Limitations

Plaintiffs and their attorneys often seek a variety of damages in burn cases depending on what caused the accidents and how serious the injuries are. Medical care is naturally among the damages in such cases due to issues such as significant disfigurement, delayed wound healing, infections, and skin breakdowns. Other common damages include treatment for the mental and emotional ramifications of living with serious burns, as well as loss of enjoyment of life. Loss of wages caused from being unable to work during the healing process could also be recovered in burn injury cases.

As burns are types of personal injuries, they become subject to California’s statute of limitations. The state requires plaintiffs to file personal injury claims within two years of the accident according to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1. If the injury occurred because of city, county, or state errors, the plaintiff has six months to file.

Schedule a Consultation with a Corona Burn Injury Attorney Today

Whether your burn injuries happened due to unsafe work conditions, a car accident that was not your fault, or another issue involving other parties, contact a Corona burn injury lawyer. The legal professional provides the support, counsel, and representation that reduces the stress of claim proceedings.

Call our law office today to get started on your case and learn what damages you could be entitled to.

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