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Rialto Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Rialto Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Rialto, CA Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney

Since the physical dimensions of commercial trucks are much larger than those of typical commuter cars, these larger vehicles also have much bigger blind spots that operators need to be aware of. If a truck driver fails to check their blind spots before changing lanes or making a turn, they run the risk of colliding with another driver and causing severe harm to them and their passengers.

If you got hurt in a wreck caused by a trucker who failed to pay reasonable attention to their surroundings, you may have grounds to seek compensation from them or their employer through a personal injury lawsuit. However, blind spot truck accidents in Rialto can make for complicated civil claims in many situations, so it is always a good idea to seek help from an experienced attorney before starting the litigation process.

Where Are the Blind Spots on a Tractor-Trailer?

Since the cab’s trailer would block the driver’s view behind them, semi-trucks have no rearview mirrors, meaning truckers often have to depend solely on their side mirrors to see whether other vehicles are nearby. Between this, the height of the average truck cab, and the length of the average trailer, commercial truck drivers typically have to deal with sizable blind spots in all the following areas:

  • About 20 feet past the front bumper
  • About 30 feet behind the rear of their trailer
  • A conical spot stretching from beneath the driver-side door along the left side of the trailer
  • Almost all of the right side of the cab and trailer

While modern technological advancements like rear-facing cameras and collision detectors have helped reduce the risk of blind spot truck accidents in Rialto and elsewhere, they remain a serious hazard to both truck drivers and other commuters around them. Accordingly, checking blind spots is considered a component of responsible truck operation, and a truck driver who fails to do so could be found legally negligent—and therefore civilly liable—in the event of an accident.

Holding a Truck Driver at Fault for a Blind Spot Wreck

While truck drivers are often the party directly to blame for blind spot accidents, other parties may be partially or primarily liable in specific situations. For example, a trucking company failing to train their drivers sufficiently to be aware of and constantly check their blind spots might bear liability for an ensuing blind spot wreck.

By the same token, other drivers on the road can sometimes bear responsibility for blind spot truck crashes in Rialto, since reasonable motor vehicle operators are expected to be aware of tractor-trailer blind spots and avoid driving within them for prolonged periods. If a court finds that a blind spot truck accident victim is partly to blame for their injuries, the court may reduce their available compensation or bar them from recovery completely, making representation from a skilled legal professional all the more essential.

A Rialto Attorney Could Help After a Blind Spot Truck Accident

The aftermath of blind spot truck accidents in Rialto can be chaotic in multiple contexts—on top of serious physical injuries, you may find yourself dealing with immense psychological and financial losses as well. Fortunately, you may be able to seek compensation for all your damages from the truck driver or company involved in your wreck, provided you can prove their negligence directly caused the incident in question.

The first step to success in this type of claim is almost always a consultation with a seasoned truck accident lawyer. Call today to schedule yours.

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