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Moreno Valley Truck Accident Lawyer

Moreno Valley Truck Accident Lawyer

Moreno, CA Valley Truck Accident Attorney

Accidents involving large trucks can result in catastrophic injuries, some of which are fatal. The impact of these injuries can be devastating in all aspects of your life and fundamentally alter your ability to support and care for yourself and your family.

If negligence led to the truck accident that resulted in your injuries, contact a Moreno Valley truck accident lawyer today and learn about your options for compensation. A skilled Moreno Valley personal injury attorney can examine your situation and determine whether the negligence of any party contributed to your injuries. En Español.

Truck Accidents and Negligence in Moreno Valley

Most personal injury claims, including those that stem from significant truck accidents, are based on the legal theory of negligence. According to a truck accident attorney in Moreno Valley, for negligence to occur, four separate elements must be a present:

  • The actor owed a duty of care to others
  • The actor violated that duty of care
  • The violation of the duty of care led to injuries to others
  • Others suffered damages as a result of their injuries

All drivers, as well as trucking companies who employ drivers, owe a duty of reasonable care to other drivers and passengers on the road. When drivers violate the law or otherwise drive in an unreasonably careless manner, their behavior may cause injuries that lead to damages. However, truck accident claims should be discussed with a Moreno Valley attorney before taking any action.

Liability in Truck Accident Claims

Drivers of large commercial trucks are subject to a host of federal regulations that govern their driving hours, rest periods, load capacity, and more. However, drivers are often paid according to their productivity and speed, and their employers may push them to ignore safety regulations. When this situation occurs, drivers may drive negligently or recklessly and cause significant accidents.

If truck drivers take any of the following actions in violation of state or federal traffic laws or safety regulations, they may be liable for any injuries that result:

  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Driving while overly fatigued, in violation of federal hours regulations
  • Committing traffic violations such as improper passing, speeding, or crossing the center line

Truck drivers, however, are not the only potentially liable parties. Trucking companies also may share liability in these cases, notably if they failed to drug test drivers, complete background checks before hiring them, or monitor their logs for compliance with federal regulations. Likewise, if trucking companies were unable to inspect, maintain, and repair trucks regularly, and a vehicle malfunction occurs, these companies also may be liable for the resulting accidents.

Consult a Moreno Valley Truck Accident Attorney for Advice

Proving negligence in a truck accident can be complicated. Multiple parties may share liability in these cases, especially if more than two vehicles are involved. A Moreno Valley truck accident lawyer may be able to cut through the confusion and help you build a strong case, contact us for help in compensation.

Getting legal guidance if you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a trucking accident can be critical to a valid legal claim. Legal counsel can help you amass the evidence necessary to prove liability in a truck accident claim.

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