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Moreno Valley Dog Bite Lawyer

Moreno Valley Dog Bite Lawyer

Moreno Valley, CA Dog Bite Attorney

Dog attacks are traumatic events and happen quickly and ferociously. They may leave you with severe physical injuries, scarring, and emotional pain for many years. Your future interactions with dogs and dog owners may be permanently damaged as a result. Dealing with these injuries comes with high costs and can leave you with medical bills and sizable lost wages and other compensation.

California offers a legal way for you to seek compensation from the dog owner to help you cover these expenses and heal from the pain and suffering you experienced. A Moreno Valley dog bite lawyer knows the law and the process for filing a claim. A dedicated attorney can work with you to collect all the facts and seek just compensation from the responsible parties.

What is Strict Liability for Dog Bites?

According to the law, dog owners are held to a strict liability standard if their dog attacks someone. Unlike other states who have a one-bite rule, the local area imposes a one-bite rule where the owner may be held liable for an attack even if the dog has never bitten anyone in the past or displayed any violent tendencies.

Dog owners may also be liable for injuries to other people if the person did not provoke the dog, and the person was bitten in public or while lawfully on private property. Trespassers bitten by dogs are generally not able to recover damages.

Typical Compensation Sought in Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog bites are serious injuries that can also have severe complications that may last years to heal fully. Even when physical wounds are healed, the emotional and mental scarring may linger. Common damages claimed in dog bite cases include:

  • Medical and rehabilitation bills
  • Physical or vocational therapy
  • Psychological counseling and emotional distress
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring or severe damage to a limb

If a person’s dog is attacked by another dog, the victim may be able to seek compensation for property damage. In the eyes of the law, our furry friends are still considered property.

What is the Process for Filing a Dog Bite Claim?

Plaintiffs generally have two years to file a claim for dog bite injuries. However, there are longer or shorter deadlines that may be applicable. The process for filing a claim involves gathering lots of detailed information about the incident and filing documents with the court and the defendant. The process is complicated, time-intensive, and awkward. An attorney experienced in dealing with dog bite cases in the nearby community will be able to lead the legal process for you. They will investigate what happened, who is responsible, they will file required court documents and can lead the trial and any settlement negotiations.

Set up a Consultation with a Moreno Valley Dog Bite Attorney Today

If a dog has recently bitten you, you may be able to seek compensation. Reach out to an experienced Moreno Valley dog bite lawyer today to set up a consultation to review your case. An attorney can lead the legal process, relieving you of a lot of stress and headache. Since there are many deadlines to meet, it is important to retain legal help as soon as possible.

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