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Moreno Valley Burn Injury Lawyer

Moreno Valley Burn Injury Lawyer

Moreno Valley, CA Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are one of the most devastating injuries, both in terms of physical pain and permanent scarring. As a result, you may need complicated skin grafts and other long-term treatments. These procedures can lead to mounting medical bills that someone will need to pay. Why should that be you?

If someone is responsible for causing your burn injuries, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries against that person and their insurers. However, the process of filing a claim can be painful in its own way, but if you work with an experienced Moreno Valley burn injury lawyer, they will fight for your rights to secure just compensation for your injuries. To learn more about the claims process and how to get started, reach out to a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney for help today.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can happen in many ways, including as a result of fires or explosions at home or work, car accidents or airbag deployments, chemical spills, and electrical accidents. They can also range drastically in severity:

  • First degree: Mildest and results in pain and swelling to the outermost layer of skin
  • Second degree: Cause blisters and significant swelling and pain
  • Third degree: The most severe and can burn deep down past the skin to the muscle and bone

Who Should be Responsible for the Costs?

Recovering from burn injuries is an expensive endeavor, and victims face an uphill financial battle as they struggle to move forward with their lives. Not only will there be the immediate medical bills following the incident, but there are numerous other costs such as:

  • Plastic surgery or skin grafts
  • Psychological or occupational counseling
  • Complications with fragile skin or severe infections
  • Other complications, including pneumonia, sepsis, and organ failure
  • Emotional and mental anguish relating to disfigurement and scarring

Since these treatments can prove to be expensive, it is in the best interest of the victim to have the at-fault party accountable for these costs. Often, the negligent party is clear in the case of an accident, but many times a corporate or other entity should be held liable, and that may not be as obvious. If someone suffers severe burn injuries as a result of the actions of a company, whether from an unsafe environment, lack of training, or manufacturing a defective product, the company should be held responsible.

Process for Filing a Claim for Burn Injuries

Injured persons generally have a two-year window under Section 335.1 of California’s Code of Civil Procedure to file a claim for their burn injuries. To establish a claim, the injured person must prove that there the defendant breached a duty of care and that the breach caused his/her injuries. An experienced attorney in the local area will investigate the facts related to the injuries to identify what the cause was and who the responsible parties are. They will fight to get just economic and non-economic damages. If the injured person is at fault, they would only be able to seek compensation from the defendant for the portion the defendant was at fault.

Reach Out to a Moreno Valley Burn Injury Attorney Today

Filing a compensation claim could prove difficult when trying to heal from a burn injury. Instead of taking on this task alone, hire an attorney who could focus on getting the compensation you deserve while you focus on your medical treatment.

Reach out to an experienced Moreno Valley burn injury lawyer today to review your case and discuss your options. Get started today by scheduling an initial consultation.


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