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Nearly 100 People Contracted COVID-19 at Silverado Beverly Place

Nearly 100 People Contracted COVID-19 at Silverado Beverly Place
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A COVID-19 outbreak occurred at the Silverado Beverly Place, an assisted living facility for dementia patients, after around 100 residents and staff tested positive. This tragedy resulted in fourteen fatalities, making it one of California’s most destructive coronavirus outbreaks in a residential care facility.

New York to Los Angeles

A retired surgeon from New York City was admitted to the Silverado despite the fact that there were statewide lockdown and strict stay-at-home orders that banned relatives, new patients, and other visitors. This retired surgeon displayed symptoms of the coronavirus, yet still mingled with other residents after arriving from the Los Angeles International Airport. He was then hospitalized due to COVID-19 symptoms one day after his admittance to the Silverado.

Prior to his hospitalization, Brittany Bruner-Ringo, a 32-year-old Silverado nurse, died from COVID-19 complications from helping the surgeon move into a room.

“Our hearts go out to the family for their tragic loss,” Silverado Senior Vice President of Communications Jeff Frum said.

No resident or staff member at the assisted living facility tested positive for coronavirus before the retired surgeon moved in on March 19.

The Silverado Beverly Place

The Silverado Beverly Place is an upscale home for dementia patients and can cost around $15,000 a month. While under strict orders set by state officials, this residential care facility allowed new paying customers to enter disregarding the health and wellbeing of other residents. This choice dramatically affected as well as ended some of the lives of relatives, staffers, and residents at the facility.

Several lawsuits against the site supervisor, chief executive Loren Shook, and the parent company, Silverado Senior Living, have been filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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