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Medical Malpractice

Herniated Discs From Car Accidents

While many people have heard of whiplash occurring as a…

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Allergen Breast Implant Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

In an effort to improve appearance and self-esteem, many consumers…

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Causes of Birth Injuries

One of the happiest moments of your life can quickly…

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Understanding Allergan Breast Implant Cancer Lawsuits

Breast implants are among the most common and requested types…

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Are My Allergan Breast Implants Recalled?

Certain types of breast implants have been recalled due to…

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Can You Sue The VA For Medical Malpractice?

The Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health care…

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Personal Injury Law: An Overview of Kaiser Cases

If a person suffers a medical complication or injury caused…

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Arbitration or Trial? Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Attorney Marc Karlin Weighs In

In most personal injury cases, attorneys advocating on behalf of…

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3 Common Birth Injuries to Watch For

A child being injured at birth can be a very…

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California Medical Malpractice Victims Will Seek Justice In 2020

Commentary by Marc Karlin on article published on about…

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