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Medical Professionals Nomination

Medical Professionals Nomination
Medical Professional Nomination

Over the past months, we’ve seen that COVID-19 has caused significant effects on people not only in our own community but across the world. With the large numbers of individuals sick and needing to be hospitalized, medical professionals have put their own safety and well being on the line while they fight tirelessly for their patient’s lives. This is why we at Karlin & Karlin created the Medical Professional Nomination. Through this nomination, we were proud to honor and celebrate the dedicated medical professionals, and express that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

The Medical Professional Nomination was created as a way for us to recognize and give back to doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, and paramedics who have been on the frontlines fighting for the safety of our community during COVID-19. We awarded a $100 VISA gift card to four medical professionals in the Los Angeles area.

We appreciate everyone’s help in acknowledging these individuals. To learn more about our winners, please visit our winner’s page!


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