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Medical Professionals Nomination Winners

Medical Professionals Nomination Winners

Week 1 Winner: David Lyons

David Lyons

David is a doctor at White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. His colleagues have been impressed with how he has handled working through the pandemic. He is known to be a very kind and patient doctor and always comes to work with a smile on his face. He has been dedicated to his patients and has gone above and beyond for them during the pandemic.

Week 2 Winner: John Orejuela

John Orejuela

John works at Keck Medicine of USC as a Respiratory Therapist. He has been working in the COVID unit and is known for being extremely hard-working and energetic. He has been praised for always giving his 100% at work and for his ability to still maintain a work/life balance and as both an incredible respiratory therapist and father. As said by his colleague “Some heroes wear a cape – this one wears a mask!”

Week 3 Winner: Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa works at the Country Villa Sheraton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. She not only has gone above and beyond to care for her patients but she balances taking care of her family at home. Although these have been strange and challenging times, Vanessa continues to work hard and give her all to her patients that need her. Her husband praises her dedication and is proud to watch her persevere every day.

Week 4 Winner: Michelle


Michelle is a doctor in Los Angeles who cares for patients who have minimal to no insurance. She focuses her work on helping individuals who are low income, immigrants, and drug addicts. She is known for her selflessness and dedication to her family and patients.


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