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Fontana Car Accident Lawyer

Fontana Car Accident Lawyer

Fontana Car Accident Lawyer Attorney

Of the roughly 40 million people who live in California, about 3,700 of them die each year in a fatal car accident. Over a quarter of a million motor vehicle accidents occur each year in California. Automobile accidents can significantly impact the lives of those involved. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a car accident, discuss your case with an experienced Fontana car accident lawyer who can give you insight into your own personal injury claim.

The team at Karlin & Karlin Injury Attorneys are seasoned legal professionals with a focus on personal injury cases in Fontana and the surrounding areas. They work hard on every case, taking the lead with the claims of their clients and holding those responsible for the injuries accountable. They have recovered millions of dollars for clients using their experience, investigation, and legal skills. They offer help and support to all they represent during some of the most challenging times of their lives.

Best Fontana Car Accident Lawyer

Why You Need a Fontana Car Accident Law Firm

A good Fontana personal injury attorney focuses specifically on personal injury law and car accident claims and is well-versed in both local and state personal injury law. They will work hard to protect the rights of their clients.

Injury attorneys also know how to investigate case details as necessary. There are several things personal injury attorneys do to gather evidence that a breach of duty of care has occurred in order to secure compensation for their clients’ personal injury claims. These include:

  • Navigating the system. Personal injury attorneys navigate the legal system of California’s personal injury law and guide claimants through the legal process, ensuring they meet court deadlines and promptly submit properly completed documents and paperwork.
  • Investigating. Personal injury lawyers investigate the accident, the location, the property damage, and anything else that may support their client’s claim.
  • Collecting evidence. Your personal injury lawyer can collect crucial evidence, such as police reports or their client’s medical records.
  • Interviewing. Your attorney can contact and interview eyewitnesses for first-hand accounts or nearby businesses to inquire whether anyone can provide details or security camera footage of the accident.
  • Evaluating. An experienced attorney can estimate the monetary value of your damages, including property and medical injuries, which may require statements from credible professionals to determine a realistic and adequate settlement amount.
  • Negotiating. A skilled attorney can negotiate with insurance companies to secure a fair settlement amount with insurance adjusters.
  • Litigating. If an agreement cannot be made with the insurance company, the case will go to court, where a personal injury attorney will litigate on their client’s behalf to represent their client and work to secure a favorable outcome.

Car Accident Compensation

When someone is involved in a car accident in Fontana, they can seek restitution for the damages they incurred as a result of the accident, provided they are not the at-fault party. The compensation awarded often includes property damage reimbursement, treatment reimbursement for mental health and emotional trauma, and reimbursement for medical expenses for any related injuries.

Some common injuries that occur in car accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries also referred to as TBIs
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Spinal cord/neck injuries

Compensation for lost wages and a diminished quality of life are also commonly included in car accident claim settlements.

Factors That Determine a Successful Car Accident Claim

Proving liability is the responsibility of the claimant, and successfully doing so is crucial in any car accident case. A car accident attorney can help prove that a defendant’s behavior was negligent and subsequently caused the accident. If comparative negligence comes into question, threatening to mitigate the defendant’s liability and reduce your final settlement amount, your attorney can work to disprove these allegations.

The defendant’s insurance company will employ countless proven strategies in an attempt to minimize the amount they will have to pay on a claim. This is why it is important not to face an insurance company’s legal team without the experienced guidance of your own legal counsel.

Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence laws in Fontana, California recognize that there may be two or more parties responsible for an accident. When this occurs, the court will determine to what degree each party is at fault. The degree of responsibility assigned to each party directly impacts the final net amount of any awarded compensation in the case. The compensation for each at-fault driver would be decreased proportionately, according to their percentage of responsibility in the accident.

California is a pure comparative negligence state, which means the plaintiff can be 99% responsible for an accident and still recover 1% of their damages from a settlement claim. For example, if a pedestrian is hit by a car, they may still be able to recover a percentage of the damages they incur, even if they are found to be at fault for illegally or improperly crossing the road.

In California, a judge assigns or, in the case of a jury trial, recommends a percentage for comparative negligence to the jury in car accident cases. The jury then assigns fault to each driver according to California’s comparative negligence law. Evidence presented by each side amid trial proceedings is carefully considered and then assessed before each party’s involvement in causing the accident is allocated.

California Car Accident Statute of Limitations

In California, claims for material damages and injury-related medical expenses caused by motor vehicle accidents must be filed within two years of the accident occurring. Claims made after this statute of limitation period will generally be automatically dismissed. Waiting too long to begin your case can also result in a lack of evidence required to secure an adequate settlement amount. For instance, as time passes, essential pieces of evidence become less and less available.

For example, the roadways where the accident occurred may experience construction, which could cover up or eradicate evidence at the site. This would hinder any investigation of how the accident occurred, which could have otherwise helped to prove fault against another party. Furthermore, eyewitnesses may eventually become unreachable. Even if they can be contacted, they may not remember the accident with sufficient detail to help with the case.


Q: Why You Should Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

A: Hiring a lawyer after a car accident is a crucial step toward preserving the legal integrity of your case. When personal injuries are involved, other parties will often work hard to mitigate their liability or challenge any evidence that demonstrates the extent of your damages. Insurance companies understand how to present unfair justifications for denying claims or offering minimum settlement offers. A qualified and skilled personal injury attorney can protect accident victims.

Q: What Happens If You Are at Fault in a Car Accident In California?

A: Whether you are at fault for a car accident or not, it is important that you follow the same steps, beginning with seeking medical attention. Be careful not to say anything to the other driver or to law enforcement regarding the accident, as this may unwittingly accept fault. In truth, you likely do not know all the details regarding what happened, and the other driver may share fault in the accident as well. Talk with your attorney as soon as possible.

Q: Should I Get A Lawyer for a Car Accident That Was My Fault in California?

A: If you are involved in an accident in California, it is important that you seek qualified and experienced legal counsel. Consult with an attorney for advice on how to proceed with your case, regardless of whether you believe you are at fault. Your attorney can assess the details of your situation and determine the ways in which other parties may hold responsibility for the accident.

Q: How Do You Know You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

A: Though not a legal requirement, hiring a car accident attorney is highly recommended regardless of your situation. If you suffered any personal injury, such as physical injury, property damage, or other losses, such as lost wages, it is important to ensure you are able to recover those damages to the fullest extent. If you are at fault for the accident, you can still recover damages up to the percentage of the other party’s fault, though your lawyer can help minimize your liability.

Q: What Happens If You Don’t Carry Car Insurance in California?

A: If you do not carry valid car insurance in California and are pulled over by law enforcement, you could be fined, your vehicle will likely be impounded, and your registration and driver’s license may also be suspended. If you are involved in an accident, even if you were not at fault, you could experience the same consequences. A first offense for not carrying car insurance would likely be a fee of $100 to $200, and the second offense would be $200-$500.

Seeking Advice From a Fontana Car Accident Attorney

Victims of car accidents don’t have to face their auto accident claims alone. The lawyers at Karlin & Karlin Injury Attorneys can provide the legal skills and knowledge necessary to secure an adequate car accident settlement. Contact the experienced and competent legal team of Karlin & Karlin Injury Attorneys to discuss the parameters of your case and get the support and compensation you need and deserve.

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