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What Happens If I Change Attorneys?

What Happens If I Change Attorneys?
Marc Karlin

Changing attorneys will not change the amount of the attorney’s fees. You will receive the same portion of any settlement obtained no matter how many attorneys have worked on your case. The one attorney fee is divided up between your first and your second law firm, based on the amount of work done by each firm.

Changing attorneys is a simple procedure in which you sign a document informing your current lawyer that he is discharged. It’s that easy. So if you are in a quandary about your present legal representation and would like a second opinion as to whether your current attorney is doing a good job, please contact our office 24/7.

Most legal questions require complex answers. The answers provided here may not be complete or fully accurate but attempt to provide consumers with abbreviated answers. For more detailed answers to these questions, please contact our office for a free and thorough review of your case.

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