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Can I Get A Second Opinion About My Case?

Can I Get A Second Opinion About My Case?
Marc Karlin

Yes. Have you lost faith in your present personal injury lawyer? Perhaps you feel that he or she has neglected you, is more interested in other, bigger cases, or lacks the dedication to customer service that you feel you deserve. Your phone calls may go unanswered, you may go for weeks wondering what is going on with your case, and you may wish you’d found another attorney who had the time or desire to keep you in the loop.

If any of this sounds familiar, you do have options. We offer a free second opinion about your personal injury case for clients throughout California. That means that we will review your case file and interview you about the facts and circumstances of your car accident and injuries to determine whether your case is being handled in a competent manner by your present attorney. If we think it is, we will say so. If we think it isn’t, we’ll advise you of that, too. We won’t, however, advise you to change attorneys for our benefit. Only if it is advantageous to you if your claim can be presented in a more thorough or professional way, in a more timely fashion, with the endgame of getting you more money, more quickly, will we suggest it.

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