Business and Entertainment Litigation

Business and Entertainment Litigation

Business and Entertainment Litigation

Business Litigation
Given the ubiquitous use of contracts in every aspect of business life, contract disputes are bound to arise from time to time. When they do, it is essential that the problem be isolated and resolved appropriately, without unnecessarily draining time, money, or the attention of the business owners and managers away from their regular business operations. The firm handles breach of contract matters involving customers, employees, vendors and suppliers, as well as business torts involving employees, competitors and others in matters such as fraud, embezzlement, unfair business practices, and deceptive trade practices. The firm’s business litigation practice also includes partnership disputes in business dissolutions, succession issues, and other matters.

Entertainment Law
Protecting the work and value of creative artists is essential to the artists as well as the producers and other major players in the music, movie, and entertainment industries. The business and entertainment litigation attorneys at Karlin & Karlin apply their knowledge and experience in business litigation and entertainment law to handle contract and royalty disputes, as well as protect intellectual property in the entertainment field from trademark infringement and copyright violations. The firm litigates trademark infringement cases involving confusion, dilution, tarnishment or blurring under state or federal law, and seeks injunctions and monetary damages, including actual and statutory damages, to help the copyright holder retain the value of his or her work.

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