Moreno Valley Spinal Injury Attorneys

Moreno Valley Spinal Injury Attorneys

Consultation with one of our Los Angeles spinal injury attorneysBlows to the spinal cord cause damage to the nerves located throughout the spinal column. A spinal injury can happen during a fall, an accident or sport activities. The severity of the injury affects the lives of the individual and families. Here are the ways spinal cord injuries occur in the United States according to statistics from the National Spinal Cord Injury:

  • Vehicles accidents are the leading cause of injury at 38 percent
  • Falls account for 30 percent
  • Violence is responsible for ten percent
  • Sports report nine percent
  • Medical procedures represent five percent

The injury interferes with communications between the brain and body. It causes the loss of motor functions. Body functions affected includes breathing, maintaining body temperature and bladder controls. Some of the injuries are permanent leaving the lower body region paralyzed. Sometimes all sensation to the arms and legs is absent.

Less than one percent of injured parties leave the hospital fully recovered. Most remain in the hospital for about two weeks depending on the severity of the injury. The health of the individual may extend the stay. Rehabilitation usually requires more than a month. Recovery rate is near partial to full motor functions.

Moreno Valley Spinal Injury Attorneys

Whether the injuries are temporary or permanent, contact our Moreno Valley spinal injury attorneys to discuss the circumstances surrounding your injuries. Your spinal injury may be the result of more than one negligent party. Your attorney will be tasked with proving the other party was, in fact, negligent. It is important that you provide your attorney with as much information and evidence about the injury as possible.

Spinal injury lawsuits are more complex than most other types of personal injury cases. Future damages related to medical issues can be extremely difficult to prove especially cases involving injury to the spinal cord. Compensation for this type of injury goes beyond the out-of-pocket reimbursements. An injury to the spine can result in life-threatening injuries and the damage can last a lifetime.

  • Statistics show about 30 percent of spinal injury individuals return to the hospital more than once
  • Most of these individuals remain in the hospital for two to three weeks each time

If you were injured and another party i determined to be at fault, you have the right to receive full compensation. The settlement or award for damages covers past and future medical care and equipment related to your injury. Spinal injury recovery may involve therapy treatments, rehabilitation, and long-term nursing or home care. It is important to contact experienced Moreno Valley spinal injury attorneys as soon as possible after you are injured.

Statute of Limitations

California’s statute of limitations generally provides individuals experiencing spinal injury two years to file a lawsuit. Because many health injuries are progressive, unexpected effects may appear later. Health conditions related to respiratory, digestive, circulatory or muscular diseases could develop over time due to a spinal injury. Your attorney can determine your rights to file a lawsuit beyond the two years statue limitations.

Spinal Injury Negligence Defense

In all lawsuits, each party is seeking to defend their side of the issue. Spinal injuries may involve more than one party. In some situations, if a dangerous activity caused the injury and you understood the risk to life or injury – you could be liable for a portion of the injury.

The State of California recognizes contributory negligence. The law states you should take reasonable precaution to prevent injury or harm. Under this defense, you may be at fault for a portion or all the damages. In response to this approach and in all fairness to all parties; comparative negligence was accepted by the State of California. In this defense, the law determines each party’s fault of negligence and applies the portion of fault to the compensation settlement.


If you or a loved one has experienced spinal injury, contact the Moreno Valley spinal injury attorneys at Karlin & Karlin by calling 888-365-1555. Our staff can help determine the grounds for sufficient compensation. Our Moreno Valley spinal injury attorneys seek compensation that is fair and just. Our goal is recovery and financial stability for all damages.

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