Medical Malpractice: Why You Should Always Get a Second Opinion

Medical Malpractice: When Should You Get a Second Opinion?

No one knows your body like you do. Therefore, if you do not believe a medical professional’s diagnosis is correct, you should always get a second opinion. In fact, even if you do feel a doctor’s diagnosis is correct, it can often still benefit you to have his or her diagnosis confirmed by another medical professional.

Is Your Doctor Taking Your Symptoms Seriously?

Recently, TV personality Maria Menounos was diagnosed with a nonmalignant brain tumor, according to the Los Angeles Times. She discovered the brain tumor after her mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. Menounos was treated quickly once she told her mother’s doctor about her symptoms, which included dizziness, headaches and slurred speech.

The Los Angeles Times article featured the story of another woman who had the same symptoms but was not diagnosed with the same nonmalignant brain tumor that Menounos had until four years after she first brought them to her doctor’s attention. The woman had to seek opinions from several doctors before she was correctly diagnosed. By the time she was diagnosed, the brain tumor had grown to the size of a baseball, making it difficult to surgically remove and ensuring it would cause permanent health problems.

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