Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Every person should be able to enjoy riding their bicycle without fear of being involved in an accident. Most bicycle riders have no problems avoiding accidents. There are some bicycle riders who experience injuries and property damage in an accident where they did nothing wrong. Our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers are available to help these innocent victims. They know the best way to handle such a situation and how to get bicycle riders the amount of compensation they need and deserve.

Bike Operation

It’s important that a bicyclist follow the laws for bike riding. Anyone under the age of 18 must wear an approved helmet. This includes any passenger on a bicycle. It’s important to never use headphones when riding a bike. A person using a bicycle may use a handheld cell phone, but they need to be very careful. Bicyclists are not permitted to ride their bike when under the influence of alcohol, or any type of drug. It is not legally permitted to grab a vehicle for a ride. A bicyclist can carry an item as long as they are able to comfortably keep one hand on handlebars.

Same Rights As Vehicles

In California, bicycle riders have the same rights on the road as any vehicle. Many drivers fail to honor the rights of bicyclists. Unfortunately, bicycle riders are injured daily in collisions with trucks and cars. This can happen even when a bicycle is being ridden in the part of a road specifically designated for bicycles riders. When a bicycle rider goes on local or regional roads, it can be very dangerous for them. Most collisions occur at intersections on city streets.

Personal Injury Claim

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorneys
When a bicyclist experiences property damage and injuries after an accident, the severity of it will determine the amount of their personal injury claim. An insurance company will try to show how the accident was the fault of the bicyclist. Our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers are able to carefully analyze the facts of a case. They are then able to determine if a bicyclist was actually the victim in an accident.


The settlement process will begin when an adjuster from an insurance company reviews all the facts of an insurance claim and determines its value. This is the amount of money an insurance company is willing to provide an accident victim to close the claim. It’s important to know an insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible for each claim made against it. Our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers know the initial settlement offer made by the insurance company will be low, the settlement demand letter sent to the insurance company by the lawyers will be high. This is where negotiations will begin that will hopefully lead to an agreement of a fair settlement amount.

Out of Court

Most successful insurance claims involving compensation for property damage and injuries involving a bicycle accident are settled out of court. This means an accident victim can get a fair settlement without going through the challenge of a trial. Neither side wants to endure the time, expense as well as uncertainty involved with presenting their case in a trial. Our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers know how to show insurance companies it’s in their best interest to settle their client’s claim out of court.

Contact Our Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle riders who have experienced an accident should contact the Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers at the law firm of Karlin & Karlin. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect a bicycle rider’s rights. These legal professionals know how a bicycle accident victim can receive fair compensation for any property damage as well as injuries resulting from their accident.

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