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Have you or a loved one been, or think that you might have been, a victim of Kaiser medical malpractice? Operating under different names, Kaiser is one of America’s largest health care providers. And under the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan banner, this company covers approximately 5,000,000 members in California alone. Its enrollees see physicians and are treated at hospitals that are part of the Kaiser system. One would think that a company this large wouldn’t be able to escape mishaps, and over the years Kaiser institutions in California have had plenty. These include:

Post-Surgical Complications
Insufficient care post-surgery have led to serious illness as a result of infections.

Botched Childbirth Deliveries
Mothers have suffered serious internal injuries as a result of delivery room errors.

Emergency Room Mixups
Hospital emergency rooms can be very busy, but they should never be so busy that patients are overlooked or given the wrong medications.

Misdiagnosis Of Cancer
Failure to catch the disease in its earlier stages has led to tragic outcomes for a number of patients who otherwise might have survived it.

Misread X-Rays, CT Scans, Etc.
A number of conditions were either not noted or were misdiagnosed.

When one reads here about just a few of the many types of Kaiser medical malpractice cases that have occurred over the years, one can be forgiven for assuming that they were resolved without much ado by the insurance giant to the victims’ satisfaction. But remember that a key component of Kaiser is an insurance company. And insurance companies love to make profits, and hate to pay settlements to plaintiffs. To make sure that they’re on the winning side, Kaiser employs hundreds of lawyers and medical specialists to debunk claims entirely, or make sure that amounts paid to plaintiffs are far less than they should be receiving.

But a victim of Kaiser medical malpractice shouldn’t assume that this means that the “big guy” always wins. Victims of medical malpractice should contact an attorney for assistance in everything from case filing, to evidence and record collection, to obtaining witness statements, and courtroom representation. With the help of an attorney experienced in handling Kaiser medical malpractice cases, such victims at long last will begin to feel better.

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