Ford Recall: Fire Danger and Door Safety Issues

Ford Recall: Fire Danger and Door Safety Issues - Karlin & Karlin

Do you own a Ford vehicle? If you do then it would be good for you to know that Ford has just made an announcement that they are recalling over 570,000 Ford vehicles that were sold at North American dealerships. Ford has concluded that both engine fires and door latches have become big problems in many of their models.

Affected Ford recall models that could have engine fires in North America include the 2014 Escape SUV and the 2014-2015 Fiesta ST, the midsize 2014 Fusion and the Transit Connect small van from model years 2013 to 2015.

The Ford recall is part of Ford’s effort to ensure driver safety while on the road. As part of this effort, Ford has pointed the problem of a potential engine fire due to the lack of circulating coolant through the engine which could cause overheating. This overheating can then cause a crack in the cylinder heads which could allow oil to escape onto the hot engine thus causing a fire. To date, Ford has received reports from 29 cases in which a fire has occurred in the engine compartment.

Ford has stated that drivers can still safely drive the defective cars as long as the engine coolant is checked and maintained at proper coolant levels.

Besides the potential engine fire, the Ford recall will include more vehicles added to the 2015 recall in which faulty door latches were found that made doors fly open while driving. These vehicles include Ford’s 2014 Fiesta, the 2013-2014 Ford Fusion and the 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ.

In the last 3 years alone, vehicle door latches have been an ongoing problem for Ford. This many latch problems eventually got the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This Ford recall alone involved more than 3 million Ford vehicles.

Ford’s latest recall detailed a problem with the pawl which can break in the door latch mechanism. The broken pawl can prevent the door from closing properly or when you are driving, your latch could fail, causing your door to fly open suddenly. Ford has stated that no latch related crashes or injuries have been reported.

So, what is the bottom line for you, the consumer? Well, with keeping safety in mind, make sure that you take your vehicle to the nearest Ford dealership if you own any of the listed make and model years to get it checked out.

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