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So Cal Spring Break Injuries - Karlin & Karlin

Look Out, Because School’s Out. Winter’s finally over. The sun is putting in more frequent appearances. And college students are packing clothes (and of course, bathing suits) for the annual ritual known as Spring Break. While Florida is famous in the east for its spring break shenanigans, California’s miles of beaches and temperate weather means that our vacationing students don’t stray far from home. Why travel thousands of miles when you can get into trouble right in your backyard? And get into trouble spring breakers do. Among the spring break injuries they have encountered are:

  • injuries from physical assaults such as shooting, stabbing, or fighting
  • water recreation related injuries
  • sexual assaults
  • injuries related to falls
  • injuries related to ingested substances (includes alcohol poisoning)

Just because one is on vacation, it doesn’t mean that one is exempt from accidents. But experts report a disproportionate number of serious accidents and incidents among college students on spring break. Binge drinking is a major instigator in creating these situations. Under such circumstances it would seem that in most cases, college students suffering spring break injuries would have to accept the consequences of such behavior. But do they?

While spring breakers may not always make the wisest choices, attorneys know that doesn’t mean that they have to always bear the burdens of resulting injuries. In many cases where spring break injuries occurred, other parties were found to be legally liable because:

  • they didn’t address physical hazards
  • they didn’t provide adequate security
  • they didn’t provide adequate health and safety safeguards

With the help of attorneys, spring breakers and their families have received compensation from everything from night clubs and concert venues, to cruise lines and resorts, to tattoo parlors. Lawyers can assist by:

  • investigating accident and assault sites
  • collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses
  • working with insurance companies
  • representing clients in court

Yes, college students need to own those spring break moments that didn’t go quite right. But when an incident leads to injury or assault, contact Karlin & Karlin for legal help.

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