Tips to Prepare Your Car for a Snowy Drive

Winter Driving Tips to Look Over Before Your Next Trip

While the holidays may be over, winter continues to clench us with its icy grasp. While it’s fine to daydream about sunny spring days, take some time out of your day to make sure your car is still prepped for winter weather. Check out our winter driving tips below. You never know when you’ll be stuck out in the snow and having that extra blanket will really help in the long run!

Check and Refill Fluids

Double-check and make sure all your car fluids are filled and, if you want to be really prepared, have some spare bottles of fluid on hand just in case you run out while on a winter drive. The most important fluid to keep an eye on is the coolant, which helps prevent the radiator from freezing. If you’re not sure about your coolant levels, reach out to an experienced auto parts tester to check and/or correct your fluid levels.

Pack an Emergency Winter Kit

A winter kit can be a life saver when you and your vehicle are stuck out in the snow. The winter kit doesn’t just come with extra blankets and flashlights. Make sure to also have:

  • A shovel and ice scraper
  • Extra coolant for the car
  • Snacks and extra water
  • Bag of sand or kitty litter (in case your tires get stuck in the snow)

Pack up this kit and place it inside your vehicle where it is easily accessible. To maximize the kit’s usefulness, you can also add extra batteries for cell phones, an emergency radio to keep track of the changing weather, or extra contact information should you need assistance out in the snow.

Check Tires or Switch to Snow Tires

Depending on where you live, snow tires can be an advantage for drivers wanting to stay safe in snowy weather. These tires are heavy and made to keep traction even in icy or snowy conditions. If you’ll be replacing your summer tires with snow tires, make sure that all four tires are replaced. Having a mix of different tires on a vehicle can easily cause issues when driving in unfavorable road conditions. You could also consider all season tires but remember, while these tires are made to withstand all seasons, they are not specialized or built to handle winter weather in excess.

Stay safe the remainder of this winter season with these winter driving tips. If you’ve been in a car accident due to unfavorable driving conditions, give us a call at Karlin & Karlin. Our lawyers have years of experience handling car accident and personal injury cases. Schedule a consultation today.

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