Family Based Visas

Family Based Visas

Family Based Visas

We are a boutique law firm that represents clients in immigration law legal helping clients obtain family-based visas. Our services are predicated on the fact that the increasing international travel has brought with it lots of legal and immigration issues. We are one of the oldest and largest immigration law firms in Los Angeles and have worked with thousands of clients in helping them secure the visas for their family members. We have established ourselves as a respected and knowledgeable law firm handling matters related to immigration requirements and visa issues.

Legal Representation for Family Based Visas

We help our clients obtain family based visas, work permits, ‘Green Cards’ as well as general representation and advice. We present the shortest route for any family seeking the visas for both temporary and long term stay. Besides these, we also help families seeking visas on refugee status, citizenship, and also provide representation in immigration application processes. Most importantly, we work hard to resolve any documentation issues that may hinder the immigration process. We equip our clients with valuable information on what to look for and what to avoid during the application and interview process.

Our Immigration Attorneys

Our dedicated and experienced team of immigration attorneys have great experience handling a wide variety of immigration and family based visas issues. Our legal team is made up of members of more than a dozen legal membership boards and fraternities. At Karlin & Karlin, we source for the best and most brilliant legal minds with competitive and creative ways of handling legal issues as appertains to immigration and family based visas. The team has a number of attorneys with different specializations when it comes to the emerging issues in immigration laws.

Our Staff

We have a team of paralegals, clerks, researchers, archivists, and a whole range of staffers who help us put together our legal cases and all immigration issues. Our competent staff will assist you to access administrative, consulting, and logistical services throughout the family based visas application process.

Immigration Law Services

Through the years we have built a wide network of services firms that can help you to settle in once you have successful obtained the visa. We can link you with auxiliary services that will make your travel and stay comfortable. We can advise you on the business world, living conditions, economic conditions and the cultural differences of the various regions which will help you make an informed decision on where to stay or settle. This includes helping you understand the social security, insurance, driver’s licenses, and any other legal requirement you might encounter as you immigrate.

Contact Our Immigration Lawyers

Karlin & Karlin has extensive experience in helping clients to secure family based visas based on their particular circumstances. Our long history has also enabled us to understand the changing nature of visa requirements and to advise our clients accordingly. We have the skills, the expertise, and the networks needed to help you navigate the precarious task of securing the visa you need. Our excellent insight and understanding of the immigration landscape are key.

If you need assistance obtaining family based visas, contact Karlin & Karlin at (866) 985-0393 for a consultation to discuss your circumstances.

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