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Opioid Epidemic: Are Doctors Overprescribing Painkillers?

In recent years, an opioid epidemic has been sweeping the US. In addition to illegal opioid drugs, such as heroin, legal prescription opioids, like hydrocodone and oxycodone, are also contributing to America’s opioid epidemic. Due to this fact, doctors have been under the microscope, because some have accused them of over prescribing opioids, leading to…. Read More

Medical Malpractice Claims: Top 5

Although new technology has made medical care safer and easier than ever before, malpractice and negligence still occasionally occurs. Patients can file medical malpractice claims if a medical professional makes an error that seriously impacts their health. Here are five of the most common medical malpractice claims: Delayed Diagnosis or Missed Diagnosis Some illnesses are…. Read More

What is Emergency Room Malpractice?

Given the chaotic nature of emergency rooms, it should come as no surprise that patients are often neglected, misdiagnosed, or otherwise harmed by the actions of physicians, surgeons, and nurses alike. Under these circumstances, emergency room malpractice lawsuits can help patients recover compensation for the injuries they sustained. Of course, emergency room malpractice can occur…. Read More

Top 5 Summertime Injuries

When summertime comes around, it is time to get back outside and start having some serious fun. However, with all of these outdoor activities, there are injuries that you need to look out for as well. Here are the top 5 summertime injuries that you may have to deal with this season. Sunburns While you…. Read More

So Cal Spring Break Injuries

Look Out, Because School’s Out. Winter’s finally over. The sun is putting in more frequent appearances. And college students are packing clothes (and of course, bathing suits) for the annual ritual known as Spring Break. While Florida is famous in the east for its spring break shenanigans, California’s miles of beaches and temperate weather means that…. Read More

Ford Recall: Fire Danger and Door Safety Issues

Do you own a Ford vehicle? If you do then it would be good for you to know that Ford has just made an announcement that they are recalling over 570,000 Ford vehicles that were sold at North American dealerships. Ford has concluded that both engine fires and door latches have become big problems in…. Read More

Kaiser Medical Malpractice

Have you or a loved one been, or think that you might have been, a victim of Kaiser medical malpractice? Operating under different names, Kaiser is one of America’s largest health care providers. And under the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan banner, this company covers approximately 5,000,000 members in California alone. Its enrollees see physicians and…. Read More

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